Contributions to BoMz are welcome from all BoMz readers.  If you have something to say on a topic you see on this site, you can both comment on the article, and assign a rating to the article based on the reliability of its conclusions.  You can provide the reasons for your own assessment, so that other readers can evaluate your own comments.

Readers are also welcome to post their own articles.

Here are some guidelines for contributors:

– Topics covered by BoMz focus on technology advances across two main technology groupings:

1) Machine Technologies (Computing, Robotics, Automobiles, etc)
2) Biotechnology (Health, Genomics, etc)

Keep this in mind when writing your article

– Include links in your article to other articles you are referencing.
– Provide your own analysis of the topics, including, if relevant, assessments of the other articles.
– If in doubt, just ask us at writers@bomz.com.





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